General Terms

  • Check in / Check out
Kinfeels’ spartments does not offer a reception 24 hours a day. In order to organize the check-in, the guest must inform us about the expected arrival time.

  • Receipt and attendance registration
The guest must send his passport number before the arrival. On arrival the guest must present his passport to the property or his responsible to registration attendance as required by law. The guest agrees to follow the standard conditions.

  • Security deposit
No security deposit is required. Any damages or breakages caused to the apartment or the building, should be compensated.

  • Guests / Pets / Illegal things
The number of persons permitted in the apartment rented does not exceed the maximum established in the description as it appears on the site or on other advertising.
Any kind of guns or drugs or stolen goods not allowed inside the apartments.
Any illegal thing that guest can’t do according to Greek law, is forbidden.
No sublet is allowed.
If the guest fails to fulfill any of the points contained in this section, we will immediately require the guest to leave the apartment.
No entrance inside the apartment is allowed to people without a valid identification document or without the consent of the owner.

  • Safe
All the apartments are not equipped with safe. We are not responsible for loss of cash, documents, valuables left in the apartment.

Housekeeping / Maintenance
The properties will be delivered clean and tidy. Standard cleaning does not include the cleaning of cooking and garbage removal.

  • Behavior
The person who signs the booking is responsible for the proper and decent behavior of all guests who will be using the apartment.
If one or more guests behaves not correctly, we will immediately require the guest to leave the apartment.

  • General
English is the language of our communication. Knowledge of conditions involves its acceptance without reservation or exception.

  • Special information / Risk taking acceptance
It is widely known that our global community came up against an unknown and dangerous, for Public Safe and Health, “enemy”, named Covid-19. Nevertheless, the race in order to fight this enemy still exists. Especially during the tourist period, when ports and airports (which are crucial points for transmission) welcome many people mainly from abroad, we must all be on alert. We all realize that this summer will be different from the others.

In   consideration   of   all   these,   the guest declare that he or she is aware of this issue’ s global dimension, he or she thoroughly understand the unprecedented conditions, he or she recognise the need for individual responsibility and he or she take over the danger, in case of being contaminated.

Last but not least, this acceptance declaration is ruled and interpreted by the greek law, as a more specialized agreement due to the exceptional circumstances. Probable differences resulted from this form or regarding this form will be pertained to Greek Courts.

The reading of general terms and conditions is guest's personal responsibility. 

The guest declares that he or she has read, understood and accept the general terms and conditions before the arrival. The guest declares also that he or she id fully informed about special information and he or she fully understood it before the reservation.

  • Thank you for the preference and the confidence.